Why Law Enforcement Vehicles Need Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Law enforcement officers dedicate their lives to making our communities safer. To help keep officers safer, Mobileye® has customized our Advanced Driver Assistance System to meet their needs.

Police officers face far greater challenges and risk of distraction than other drivers. They’re tasked with keeping up with countless demands, from using in-vehicle technology to gather information to engaging in active pursuit. They are often in their vehicles for their entire shifts, driving night and day regardless of inclement weather or poor road conditions. Ensuring that police can do their jobs while staying safe behind the wheel requires an important balance of preventing collisions without interfering with their duties.

How Law Enforcement Fleets Can Benefit From Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Avoiding collisions on the job should be a top priority for any law enforcement agency. Technology can help officers feel better supported and protected in all aspects of their roles, particularly while driving. As the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund reports, while overall law enforcement fatalities have declined since the 1960s, motor-vehicle-related deaths have risen. Not counting for illness, automobile crashes were the second leading cause of officer fatalities in the past decade. ADAS and collision avoidance can help mitigate the risks that lead to collisions through sophisticated real-time alerts.

Mobileye 8 technology analyzes the risk of forward collision, lane departure, following time, excessive speed, and pedestrian hazards. When a threat is detected, the system emits visual and audible alerts - in real time - giving the officer time to possibly avoid a collision or, at the very least, mitigate its severity. These few seconds can be critical to the safety of officers and civilians.

Department Costs of Collisions

Fleet operations comprise some of the highest and most expensive risks for many police departments. The costs associated with collisions can have a large impact with increased insurance premiums, vehicle repairs, and more. Given the shortages of auto parts and the high costs of new vehicles, it is in every agency’s best interest to keep their vehicles safe on the road. The payout alone for an at-fault collision can start at hundreds of thousands of dollars. Therefore, eliminating just one significant collision by using an advanced driver assistance system is well worth the financial investment, in addition to the safety provided.

A Customized Solution for Law Enforcement

We understand that in certain emergency situations, officers may find collision avoidance alerts themselves to be a distraction. For this reason, Mobileye offers a customized pursuit mode add-on to police departments. Pursuit mode means when a vehicle's emergency lights and sirens are on, the system mutes unnecessary alerts until after the pursuit has ended. The exceptions are the alerts critical to avoid an imminent collision with another vehicle, pedestrian, or cyclist. The tailoring of the system in this way allows officers to focus on the emergency, while still benefiting from Mobileye's critical collision alerts.

Mobileye 8 can be installed in virtually any type of vehicle, from patrol cars to detective vehicles to detention vans. In addition, if a vehicle needs to be replaced, the system can easily be removed and installed in another vehicle, making it a one-time investment for your fleet.

The human and financial impact of crashes is high, dramatically so for officers on duty. Mobileye 8 provides an advanced solution proven to prevent collisions at an affordable price. To learn more, reach out for a demonstration today.

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