Mobileye Connect Platform

Watch Your Fleet Grow Safer In Real Time

Finally, Mobileye’s pioneering ADAS technology is available in a fleet management tool. With the Mobileye Connect Platform, you can optimize your investment in safety by tracking your fleet’s performance through the real-time alerts your drivers receive from the Mobileye 8 Connect collision avoidance system. Ride along with your drivers from anywhere in the world thanks to AI-powered fleet data.

Gain Visibility into Your Fleet


optimize your investment in fleet safety

Track Fleet Safety Trends

MCP harnesses the data from your Mobileye 8 device, helping you identify risky driving habits and improve future training opportunities.

Gain Driver Behaviour Insights
Optimize Operational Efficiency

Use Mobileye's GPS capabilities to locate, track, and trace active vehicles, all in one place. With no additional hardware or installation, you can easily establish geographic compliance and monitor asset utilization from anywhere.

Optimise Driver Training
Go Beyond Traditional Telematics 

With MCP, you don't just know where your drivers are, you know how they're driving. Precise vision sensor alerts help visualize your fleet safety with easy-to-use, standardized driver scores.

Real-time alerts

Pedestrian & Cyclist Collision Warning

When the driver comes close to colliding with a pedestrian or cyclist ahead

Forward Collision Warning Including Urban Forward Collision Warning

When the driver comes close to colliding with the vehicle ahead

Headway Monitoring & Warning

When the driver follows the vehicle ahead too closely

Lane Departure Warning

When the driver leaves the lane without signaling

Important Performance Metrics

Speed Limit Indicator

When the driver exceeds the posted speed limit

Harsh Acceleration

When the driver accelerates rapidly

Harsh Cornering

When the driver turns a corner at high speed

Harsh Braking

When the driver brakes suddenly