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Fleets employing technicians, managers, and delivery experts face unique safety challenges on the road and on the job. Adding collision avoidance technology can minimize crashes, reduce liability, and keep drivers safe.

How To Improve Utility Fleet Safety On The Road & On The Job

Utility fleets face unique safety challenges both on the road and at the job. A combination of ADAS and fleet management solutions can help minimize crashes and keep drivers safe.

Improving the Bottom Line with Collision Avoidance Systems (ROI)

Calculating the true cost of collisions is far from simple. This in-depth white paper explores the direct and indirect costs companies face with increased collisions among their fleets.

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Collision Avoidance, Fleet Safety

Collisions are one of the greatest challenges facing fleet managers – they can wreck your schedule, your budget and endanger your drivers. Increasingly managers are turning to technology for solutions, but what is the best, most cost-effective solution?

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