Driven by Safety

An AI-powered Fleet Safety Solution

mobileye 8 connect

Act to Prevent Collisions

Mobileye 8 Connect gives the time to prevent or mitigate collisions by providing drivers with audio and visual warnings of potential hazards on the road.

Improve Driver Performance

Evidence shows real-time alerts help instill safer driving habits. Now, with our analytics platform you can track your fleet and its safety improvements.

Advanced Safety Tech

Mobileye 8 Connect features represent our latest generation in collision avoidance technoogy, including greater range, 10x improvement in accuracy, and a wider angle lens.

Act to Prevent Collisions Day and Night with Real-time Alerts

  • Forward Collision Warning (FCW),
    including Urban Forward Collision

    Alerts of imminent rear-end collision with a vehicle ahead.

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  • Lane Departure Warning (LDW)

    Alerts if the vehicle leaves the driving lane without use of the turn signal.

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  • Pedestrian & Cyclist Collision Warning (PCW)

    Alerts of imminent collision with a pedestrian or cyclist ahead.

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  • Headway Monitoring & Warning (HMW)

    Alerts when the distance to the vehicle ahead becomes unsafe.

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  • Speed Limit Indication (SLI)

    Notifies of the new speed limit and if the driver exceeds it.

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Safer Than Ever

Powered by our latest processor, EyeQ®4, and an improved camera, Mobileye 8 Connect offers state-of-the-art collision avoidance technology.

Night Detection
Including pedestrians & cyclists
More Accuracy
With more speed and improved AI
Greater Range
Detects potential hazard at greater distances and wider field of vision

Retrofit to Any Fleet Vehicle

Equip your fleet with AI-powered collision avoidance, without the need for new vehicles.

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The forward-facing camera mounted on the inside of the windshield behind the rear view mirror constantly scans the road ahead and provides audio alerts when needed. The camera unit contains the camera, EyeQ® chip, and speaker.
The EyeWatch™ display for visual alerts, mounted in the bottom corner of the windshield.
The GPS unit, mounted in the bottom corner of the windshield.

Safer Fleets Save Money

Join others who have cut costs with Mobileye


Cut of in-scope collision costs


reduction in-scope collisions


Drop in collision-related insurance claims

Mobileye 8 Connect Wins CES 2020 Innovation Award

Hear Mobileye Vice President and Deputy General Manager, Lior Sethon, share his insights on Mobileye 8 Connect, Mobileye Data Services, and the company’s future projects.