Mobileye In the Field

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P&B Transport

"Being a transport company that travels into some of the heaviest traffic areas in the Northeastern United states, Mobileye has helped us to reduce incidents on the road and maintain a high safety rating with our insurance.."

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VIP Taxi

"What makes us the safest company in Phoenix is our use of technology — including Mobileye. We won't let a car on the street without it.” - Brandon Gauer, Owner

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health consultants

a major a nationwide natural gas leak detection firm with over 1,100 vehicles in the field – reduced their at-fault accident rate by 65% using vision-based driver-assist technology.

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Professional Auto Transport

Professional Auto Transport, headquartered in Southern California, had recently expanded its fleet and the territory it served — but that growth also meant more risk.

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seman-tov, bus safety, school bus, safety, collision avoidance
Fleet Safety, Collision Avoidance

“Installing Mobileye has given me that peace of mind that my drivers are protected and keeps my buses on the road.”- Yitzy Nagar, Vice President,Seman-Tov

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law enforcement, LEO, police, collision avoidance
Collision Avoidance

For law enforcement, Mobileye developed an enhanced product that adapts when the vehicle has its lights and siren on in pursuit. Read to learn more about how Polk County Sheriff's Office uses Mobileye to prevent collisions.