Real-Time Alerts Reduce Collisions

Retrofit your vehicles with Mobileye collision avoidance

More than Just a Collision Avoidance System

Technology you can trust

Mobileye technology is integrated into over 300 new car models from leading auto manufacturers. With our retrofit system you too can enjoy the safety benefits of this technology without having to purchase your fleet vehicles.

Seamless integration

The Mobileye System seamlessly integrates with most major fleet management systems, enabling you to access data about driver behaviour and incentivise them to improve.

Improves driving behaviour

Driving with the system installed, drivers become more aware of their behaviour and naturally begin to adopt safer driving habits.

Affordable & cost-effective

Reducing collisions with Mobileye can save money on repairs and subsequent insurance premiums. Typically, fleet managers see a return on investment within 12 months.


Global automakers rely on Mobileye technology to make their vehicles safer


Vehicles are equipped with Mobileye technology

...the dangerous nature of the goods we carry, makes vehicle safety one of our highest priorities. We believe that Mobileye technology is a major step forward in preventing vehicle collisions.

Alan Watkins
Executive General Manager,

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