What Makes a Revolutionary Data Service… Revolutionary?

Revolutionary Data Service

Road asset monitoring has been around for decades – so what would revolutionize the space?

At Mobileye, we have the answer – digitizing your road data. By leveraging vehicles equipped with our award-winning road mapping technology, Mobileye is offering a full suite of data services to empower data-driven decision-making for cities, road operators, transportation authorities, utilities, and mapping companies.

Using Mobileye’s regularly refreshed, accurate GIS-compatible data, these organizations can monitor and preserve their infrastructure more efficiently, making roadways, city streets and mobility safer for all.

So how is Mobileye’s approach different?

There’s a lot more we can share about how Mobileye gathers asset and mobility data and how the information is processed, but for our purposes suffice it to say that Mobileye-equipped vehicles, traveling along their regular routes, gather this data and send it to Mobileye cloud where it is processed. This provides Mobileye Data Services a number of advantages over current data collection methods:

1) Automation – the data is collected automatically.

Drivers don’t need to make any specialized trips, just simply drive their regular routes and the system does the rest. From the start you’ll be generating an accurate asset inventory – automatically.

2) Scalability – By leveraging Mobileye-equipped vehicles, the system is highly scalable -wherever your fleet vehicles travel, you’ll be covered.

3) Objectivity – Many current methods of data collection rely, to some degree, on “judgment calls.” One engineer may judge a road segment to be in good condition while for another the same road is only in fair condition.

With Mobileye Data Services, measurements are done by algorithm meaning results are consistent across all locations.

4) Accuracy – Because Mobileye collects, aggregates and clusters data compiled from many trips over the same road segment, the results are highly accurate.

This means you not only have a reliable inventory, but maintenance crews won’t have to waste time locating assets.

5) Granularity – With Mobileye Data Services you are able to get an up-close and precise look at road assets. You will be able to receive reports about the traffic flow according to individual lanes, as well as pothole locations by lane.

6) Unique information – Since Mobileye Data Services is based on our safety technology, we can provide unique types of data. These include:

  • Spots where vehicles often brake harshly, which may indicate a structural flaw causing drivers to stop short
  • Spots of “near-misses” where vehicles almost collide with cyclists, indicating a place where maybe a bike lane would be appropriate.
  • By collecting data about potential collisions, Mobileye Data Services can help prevent collisions before they occur.

7) High Refresh Rate – Vehicle-based Mobileye Data Services are constantly collecting and integrating new data. This means our GIS layers benefit from a high refresh rate.

With most technologies, infrastructure issues are only identified after annual or even biennial inspection. With Mobileye Data Services, you can continuously monitor roads and receive rapid notifications about potential upcoming problems, including widening potholes, for example.

With all this information readily available and rapidly updated, local authorities, road operators, utilities, and others have the opportunity to leverage data in an unprecedented way, improving citizens’ quality of life and their own bottom line.

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