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While we know that Rome wasn’t built in a day, or even mapped in a day, Mobileye Data Services and ESRI Italy recently embarked on a pilot project in conjunction with the ACEA Group, a multi-utility company, to see how quickly we could map the Eternal City’s roadside assets such as:

  • Traffic signs
  • Traffic lights
  • Road markings
  • Poles
  • Manhole covers

…and much more!

This asset inventory project uses technology developed by Mobileye to create accurate and regularly updated asset inventories as well as asset and mobility maps.

Check out how the technology works

The information gathered by Mobileye-equipped vehicles is turned into GIS-compatible layers, then used by channel partners such as ESRI to create high-definition maps of roadway assets and mobility data.

Over the course of six months, Mobileye and ESRI worked together to create a map showing the accurate location and status of thousands of roadside assets in Rome. These maps were also able to pinpoint locations of potholes in city streets and assess road risk by locating areas where collisions are more likely to occur. This powerful technology provides cities with a wide variety of insights:

  • Missing traffic signs
  • Areas where pedestrian crosswalks are desirable
  • Areas of cyclist overcrowding
  • Locations where vehicles must brake sharply
  • Locations where vehicles must turn sharply

…and much more !

In the video, Michele Ieradi, Solutions and Technology Director at ESRI Italia, talks about this joint program and displays some of these new maps while explaining their importance to city planners.

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