How Mobileye AI is Mapping Ajaccio’s Roadside Assets

stock image of the beachfront in Ajaccio on the island of Corsica in France

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With some 70,000 residents (and another 100,000 in the surrounding area), Ajaccio is hardly the largest city in France – let alone Europe or the entire world. But like any city of any size, the capital of Corsica has considerable infrastructure to deploy and maintain. And despite its ancient history, it’s turned to the cutting-edge solutions offered by Mobileye Data Services to survey its assets.

The partnership between the commune (perhaps best known as the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte) and Mobileye was the subject of a recent webinar held as part of the HUB Institute’s Sustainable Mobility Forum. Moderated by HUB Institute CEO and co-founder Vincent Ducrey, the session brought Mobileye regional manager Raphael Layani together with Pascal Peraldi, the head of Ajaccio’s GIS department, to discuss the three-month proof-of-concept trial that involved placing our Mobileye 8 Connect™ system in 35 city vehicles – including police cars, garbage trucks, and roadworks vehicles.

“All this information you can visualize here on the map that comes from the Mobileye 8 system,” noted Peraldi. This allows municipal workers to “act quickly in the field” and “perform predictive actions in the future.”

Watch the full eight-minute video, recorded in French and subtitled in English, for further insights into Ajaccio’s collaboration with Mobileye Data Services.

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