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stock image of the beachfront in Ajaccio on the island of Corsica in France

How Mobileye AI is Mapping Ajaccio’s Roadside Assets

The Corsican capital recently undertook a trial using Mobileye Data Services, fitting dozens of city vehicles with our technology to digitize its infrastructure.

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Road Management

Webcast – How Mobileye is Working with Oxfordshire County to Map Roadside Assets

In this webinar, reps from Mobileye and the Oxfordshire County Council discuss a joint pilot project aimed at collecting roadside asset data using Mobileye tech.

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Webcast: Road Asset Monitoring

Learn how Mobileye and ESRI, working together, were able to create an accurate, up-to-date map of Rome’s roadside assets and mobility information.

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road detection, GIS layers, pavement conditions, live traffic, AI technology, road asset detection

Mobility Summit 2020: Safer and Smarter Mobility

Explore how Mobileye data services utilize AI-technology to build up-to-date GIS layers with real-life use cases from around the globe.

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Webcast: Finding a New Normal: Italian Essential Services Share How They Have Adapted to the Pandemic and its Aftermath

Explore lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic and how Italian fleets will be incorporating innovative safety and data collection technologies in the future.

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Webcast: AI for Better Asset Data

Hear from the experts about how AI-powered data collection techniques are revolutionizing utility companies’ ability to track and maintain their assets.

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