How Mobileye’s Data Can Help Reduce the Risk on Your Roads

road risk score by mobileye

Mobileye Data Services is revolutionizing road risk assessment with a “Road Risk Score” that allows local governments to identify dangerous intersections and road segments.

The Road Risk Score is created by aggregating multiple data layers including risky driving behavior data, such as near-misses, and other mobility information by road segment.

Recorded information includes:

  1. Harsh Braking – this can indicate an area where there is, or appears to be, a hazard causing drivers to brake harshly.
  2. Harsh Cornering – this can indicate a curve where drivers are traveling too quickly for road conditions, possibly as the result of road design or poor signage.
  3. Near-misses – this can indicate an area where the infrastructure layout is leading to a disproportionate number of near-misses – potential collisions between a vehicle and either a vulnerable road user or another vehicle. For example, clusters of alerts where bike lanes converge with vehicle lanes indicate a large proportion of vehicles are experiencing near collisions with cyclists in these areas.
  4. Pedestrian and Cyclist Volume – this information allows planners to stay up to date about numbers of vulnerable road users found at different locations and may indicate the need for more bike lanes or better sidewalks.

All the behaviors mentioned above can increase the risk of crashes within a particular road segment. However, armed with the information provided by Mobileye Data Services, local authorities and road operators can locate these risky areas and take preventative action before a collision occurs.

Not only that, but these layers can also be superimposed over GIS infrastructure layers, providing an even richer source of information. For instance, combining road risk assessment with the pavement condition layer allows planners to see where road risk is exacerbated by poor road conditions. This ability gives those responsible the tools they need to help make roads as safe, and efficient as possible.

To learn more about how Mobileye Data Services can help you assess road safety, please contact us.

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