Dynamic GIS Data for Efficient and Sustainable Operations

Road Asset Mapping

Delivering a base layer of road assets and/or pavement defects at time T

Change Detection

Delivering a delta layer of new or missing assets and material change in pole angle

Dynamic Mobility Datasets

Enriching our customers’ GIS platform with dynamic mobility datasets per road segment.

traffic lights
power poles
signage poles
harsh braking
traffic flow
construction zones
cyclist volume

Road Asset Survey


Keep Asset Data Up-to-Date

Public works departments, utility companies and transportation authorities can:

Automate inventory surveys with rapid, real-time asset data collection

Save time & money when planning maintenance programs with accurate asset mapping

Prioritize inspection and renewal programs with asset change detection notifications

Pavement Condition Monitoring


Increase Efficiency and Optimize Road Maintenance Operations

Departments of transportations, road operators and road maintenance experts can:

Assess, monitor & improve pavement quality with real-time data on road conditions

Expedite pavement operations with accurate localization of surface distress

Identify the roads that require immediate attention

Mobility Intelligence


Improve Road Safety and Mobility Based on Near Real-Time Data

Local governments, transportation and city planners can:

Measure road safety risk in their jurisdictions and identify dangerous intersections and street segments

Support grant applications and updates to city and transportation plans with relevant mobility data

Measure the efficacy of policies and infrastructure investments with real-time and historical data on movement


Mass Survey Capabilities Leverage Mobileye's Built-in and Retrofit ADAS Technology

Mobileye’s technology uses a single camera to scan the road ahead, identify potential hazards and alert drivers. The key element in our system is in its ability to mimic how humans understand the roadscape. Leveraging this same technology, Mobileye’s EyeQ® chip and algorithms have been trained to identify, tag and classify any road assets, as equipped vehicles – passenger and fleet vehicles – go on their regular route.

Privacy Matters

Mobileye is committed to respecting your privacy, including but not only by complying with applicable data protection and privacy laws.

Making a Difference

We have 15,000 miles of water mains and 18,000 miles of sewers; it's incredibly time consuming and costly to maintain maps of our assets as they grow and change. The Mobileye technology really changes the game […] and this is helping us manage our networks and keep our customers' water flowing.

Clive Surman-Wells

Clive Surman-Wells

Operational Solutions Manager at Northumbrian Water Group

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