LONDON, May 7, 2019 – Ordnance Survey (OS), Great Britain’s national mapping agency, and Mobileye®, an Intel company, have launched trials to create the first detailed roadside infrastructure dataset of Britain, to underpin a new, accurate and customisable location information service.

During this trial run utility fleets will be equipped with Mobileye’s next generation collision avoidance system, Mobileye 8 Connect™. Fleets equipped with this system will be able to capture a street-level view of the UK road network through its camera. Among the landmarks classified by the system are the location and state of: road markings, network boxes, traffic lights, road signs, lamp posts, manhole covers and drainage grates. After the data is collected it will be sent to the cloud for aggregation and then provided to OS, where it will be cross-referenced with their existing datasets.

Implementation of the trial follows an initial test in select areas of the UK, including London, Manchester and the North East. The Northumbrian Water group was first to join this trial. Said Clive Surman-Wells Northumbrian Water’s Operations solutions manager, “We’re really excited and proud to be the first utility company to have the opportunity to try this new technology. There are so many benefits that have the potential to really change the game when it comes to helping manage our networks and keep our customers’ water flowing.” 

The utility sector will be among the first markets to take advantage of this new service – improving the quality of their existing asset data, and making it faster and simpler to identify and link above-ground and underground assets. They will also be able to monitor the condition of their assets, saving money and time when planning asset maintenance programs.

The service is also expected to benefit a number of other sectors as well including infrastructure, energy and transportation.

Professor Amnon Shashua, president and CEO of Mobileye, spoke about the potential of the project: “A future of smart cities and safe streets is within reach when we equip governments and businesses with high-precision mapping data. We look forward to seeing the continuing progress of our trials.”

Neil Ackroyd, OS interim CEO, added, “The initial trials are already delivering a deeper and richer level of data capture which we are confident will bring added value to our customers and become an important dataset for emerging markets, and a building block for Britain’s infrastructure for many years.”

Companies interested in joining this trial can get more details here. More information about Mobileye 8 Connect is available here. video

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