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Protecting Tired Drivers During the Covid Pandemic
Fleet Safety, Collision Avoidance, Fleet Management

Extra demands are pushing fleet drivers to work longer hours, increasing the possibility of falling victim to drowsy driving. Technological advances may help protect drivers from these dangers.

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Down is Dirty - Collision Avoidance and Downtime Reduction
Fleet Safety, Fleet Management, Collision Avoidance

Downtime is one of a fleet’s greatest challenges – costing customers and money. Maintenance and collisions avoidance tech can help keep vehicles on the road.

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Managing Fleet Safety in the Times of COVID-19
Fleet Management, Fleet Safety

Getting fleets through the coronavirus crisis will take hard work and ingenuity. Here are some tips we hope will help fleet managers weather the storm.

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Drivers to the Rescue – Where We Stand Today
Fleet Safety, Fleet Management

During the Covid-19 crisis, while many are staying at or working from home, truckers are under increased pressure to deliver supplies to wherever needed.

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The Dark Night and Collision Avoidance
Collision Avoidance

Night-time driving is particularly dangerous but there are ways fleets can protect their drivers, including collision avoidance systems that work in low light.

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