One of the highlights of this year's Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham, was the much-anticipated unveiling of the new Terberg DTS UK "Urban Safe" Logistics vehicle. Created in partnership with sister company Dennis Eagle, it is the first ever refrigerated truck by Terberg DTS UK. But what it really represents, is a new level of dedication to safety in urban areas. Beyond slogans and campaigns, this vehicle is a tangible step toward truly reducing collisions in urban areas.

For Managing Director of Terberg DTS, Alisdair Couper, the Urban Safe is the fulfillment of a longtime dream. He told us,

"The vision was to design and build a truck to meet the ever changing needs of the urban supply chain logistics. Safety for both driver and vulnerable road users has been of the upmost importance and at the heart of the project."

The Urban Safe comes equipped with the Mobileye Shield+TM collision avoidance and pedestrian and cyclist detection – designed especially for vehicles with large blind spots such as lorries, buses and commercial vehicles. The system identifies pedestrians, cyclists or motorcyclists in the vehicle blind spots and notifies the driver with an audio and visual warning. The system also provides the classic Mobileye collision avoidance features alerting the driver of following too closely, unintended lane departure and impending collision with the vehicle ahead.

Regarding the decision to equip the vehicle with Mobileye technology, Couper said:

"Mobileye Shield+ technology was the perfect partner and our number one choice collision avoidance system due to its market leading technology, and overall user simplicity. The red and green light system we felt was a better and safer choice as the driver is seeing a signal rather than having to process live footage on a screen (common with other collision avoidance system such as fish eye lenses etc.)"

Designed for Safety"The combination of enormous and heavy logistics vehicles with urban areas filled with vulnerable road users is incredibly dangerous. The Urban Safe Logistics Vehicle now joins a welcome and important trend to actually design these vehicles while putting safety first." – Jeremy Coleman, Mobileye Regional Sales Manager for UK

In addition to Shield+TM, the Urban Safe is outfitted with additional safety features protecting both vulnerable road users around the vehicle, as well as the operator, including in the following areas:

Loading and Unloading:

  • A 500kg side unloading lift for unloading onto the pavement to reduce congestion and potential incidents from rear unloading

  • LED strips and scene lighting which come on automatically when the vehicle is stationary and illuminate danger areas which may otherwise be used by pedestrians and cyclists

  • The walk-through cab encourages the driver to enter and exit from the nearside and never into oncoming traffic
  • "Direct Vision" Capabilities:
  • Low entry design allows a relatively low position for the driver to see other road users in his or her direct line of vision (rather than being too high to see them, depending on mirrors and plagued by blind spots); plus it reduces driver fatigue from entering and exiting numerous times daily

  • The full-length glass panel windscreen also allows direct vision capability, helping to reduce one of the most dangerous blind spots
  • Emergency Braking
  • Crew stop allows the passenger to bring the vehicle to an emergency stop if the driver is unable for any reason
  • Integration with Telematics
  • Vue CCTV Telematics allows central command to record and analyse the journey while highlighting incident hot spots with high volume of cyclists and pedestrians
  • Municipal fleets can use the valuable data to improve infrastructure based on the spots where the most incidents occur

The Mayor of London Reinforces the Campaign

There is a growing awareness in the UK around urban safety, especially accidents involving heavy goods vehicles (HGVs). According to Transport for London, in the span of three years, HGVs were involved in 20% of pedestrian fatalities and over 70% of cyclist fatalities, despite HGVs only making up 4% of road miles in the city. London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has therefore introduced the "Direct Vision Standard" – a star rating system to rank the safety of HGVs, and only keep those with sufficient visibility on the road. The Urban Safe, was inspired by and in-line with, this vision. We hope it is one of the first of many important moves toward improved urban safety.

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