One of the largest studies of driver behaviour, conducted in the USA, found that a staggering 80% of collisions and 65% of near collisions involve some form of driver distraction occurring in the last three seconds before the accident.

With an estimated 37% of fatal accidents in the UK caused by distracted driving, it clearly shows that these three seconds of inattention or distraction can mean the difference between life and death. 

Despite the clear risks of distracted driving, out of 11,000 drivers observed in a study on the roads of St Albans, Hertfordshire, one in six were found to be engaged in a distracting activity such as eating, talking on a mobile phone or smoking.

So how can we ensure to grab distracted drivers’ attention at the most critical of times and give them those precious seconds back before a potentially fatal collision occurs?

Mobileye’s collision avoidance system does just that, through a number of life-saving features:

Headway Monitoring – warns drivers when they are too close to a vehicle in front of them. According to the Department of Transport, in 2017 following too closely contributed to 4,256 collisions leading to 19 fatalities.

Forward Collision Warning – warns drivers of an imminent forward collision. According to the US-based National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 40% of rear-end collisions have no brake application whatsoever, reflecting how many accidents are caused by driver distraction.

Pedestrian & Cyclist Collision Warning – Pedestrians and cyclists are the most vulnerable road users but often are the hardest to detect, with pedestrians accounting for 22% of all road fatalities. Our system warns of an imminent collision once the calculated time to collision drops below 2 seconds.

Lane Departure Warning – warns drivers who may have unknowingly drifted into another lane, leading to the most dangerous type of collision. In the US, 60% of road accident fatalities are due to unintentional lane departure.

Speed Limit Indicator – in 2016 speeding contributed to 24% of fatalities across the UK. Ignoring the speed limit, aside from being illegal, can be fatal. If a pedestrian is hit by a car at 40mph they are 90% likely to be killed. This drops to 50% at 30mph and just 10% at 20mph. Our system provides an important reminder to drivers of the speed limit, especially for those distracted at the wheel.

Check out the video below to see how these warnings work and then contact a Mobileye representative to see how our collision avoidance systems can work for you.

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