Fleet Managers are torn in different directions – you’ve got to keep your drivers safe and your fleet running at peak efficiency, while at the same time balancing a tight budget. One example of this balancing act is the implementation of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) or collision avoidance systems in fleet vehicles.

While most managers understand that advanced technologies excel at protecting drivers and reducing vehicle down time, they also assume they must wait until they purchase new, expensive, vehicles to benefit from these technologies – an unfounded assumption that may prove to be quite costly – in more ways than one – at the end of the day.

Over the last two decades, experience has shown that ADAS, including such features as forward collision warning, lane departure warning and pedestrian collision warning, work. Studies show that 30% of all collisions could be avoided by wider adoption of collision avoidance systems like these.

And these studies are strongly backed up by our field experience. One example is the Winslow Construction Group in Australia, an operator of a large fleet which was concerned over a rising number of collisions. They recently ran a pilot project using Mobileye collision avoidance systems in 60 of their vehicles. During the pilot, their Mobileye-equipped vehicles experienced zero collisions.

The best news of all, for Fleet Managers, is that this pilot did not involve the purchase of any new vehicles. Rather, it was all accomplished by retrofitting collision avoidance systems on older vehicles for a fraction of what new vehicles cost. This means not only increasing driver safety, a worthy goal in itself, but also boosting the return-on-investment (ROI) resulting from adding safety technology to existing vehicles in fleets.

It is equally important for Fleet Managers to understand that by retrofitting vehicles with Mobileye they would not be compromising on their desire for cutting-edge technology. The Mobileye team that is developing ADAS systems for over 25 leading auto manufacturers is the same team which developed the collision avoidance systems available for retrofitting into your current fleet.

To learn more about what options are best for you, check out the Mobileye web site.

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