ComfortDelGro Corporation Australia (CDC) is a subsidiary of ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited, a land transport company operating over 45,300 vehicles. The group operates in seven countries, and in Australia, CDC operates in Victoria and New South Wales (NSW). CDC Victoria has more than 430 buses and coaches, over 800 employees and 6 depots throughout the state. CDC NSW operates more than 1,100 buses and coaches, with over 1,700 employees with 15 depots across NSW and Canberra.

What led you to explore collision avoidance for your buses?

"We believe that continuous innovation is essential to better serve the communities in which we operate. Innovation offers the opportunity to meet emerging challenges in the public transport industry with solutions that take advantage of new developments and technologies.

Additionally, with 90% of all Australian crashes caused by minor mistakes such as distraction, fatigue or being slightly above the speed limit, the installation of Mobileye across the fleet of CDC Victoria and CDC NSW aims to minimise at-fault incidents, prevent collisions and injuries, and potentially save lives."ComfortDelGro Corporation Australia (CDC)

Tried and Tested

CDC Australia's parent company, ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited, is one of the largest land transport companies in the world, with headquarters in Singapore. A sister company in Singapore called SBS Transit, had extensively trialled and implemented Mobileye with 750 buses to be equipped in 2017. This enabled CDC to remain at the forefront of innovation by introducing a successful and known product to its fleets. In rolling out Mobileye’s technology and as part of international company ComfortDelGro, CDC will benefit from the larger group’s investment in and early adoption of the technology.

ComfortDelGro Corporation Australia (CDC) stated, "We believe that investment in technology is essential to meet emerging challenges in public transport. CDC is proud to be the largest bus company in Australia to adopt Mobileye."

“We’re pleased to invest in technology to enhance the safety of our drivers, passengers and other road users in the communities that we serve”- SK Cheng, CEO of CDC NSW

SK Cheng, CEO of CDC NSW & Clive Rogers, Managing Director of FleetSafe SK Cheng, CEO of CDC NSW & Clive Rogers, Managing Director of FleetSafe

“Australian roads are becoming increasingly congested and we are taking a step towards the future of transportation technology. Mobileye technology is an investment towards safer roads and safety is our primary focus.” - Nick Yap, CEO of CDC Victoria

Nick Yap, CEO of CDC Victoria showcasing Mobileye tech inside a CDC bus Nick Yap, CEO of CDC Victoria showcasing Mobileye tech inside a CDC bus

The Details
The implementation of Mobileye technology will take place simultaneously in Victoria and New South Wales. CDC Victoria and CDC NSW will adopt the Mobileye technology into more than 1000 buses. CDC is working with official Mobileye Distributor in Australia FleetSafe. Managing Director of FleetSafe, Clive Rogers said, "Working with CDC has given us another opportunity to apply this award-winning and potentially life-saving global technology to vehicles on Australian roads. The more vehicles that are fitted with this system, the safer our roads will become for all users.”

Jason Bloom, Mobileye Regional Sales Manager for Australia said of the deal, "It's great to see a large bus company in the private sector demonstrate true leadership by adopting Mobileye technology to look after the safety of all Australian road users."

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