In 2016, 175,791 road accidents occurred in Italy resulting in death or injury, with 3,283 deaths.¹
Even though Italy experienced an overall decrease of 4.2% compared to 2015, there was an increase in the number of collisions among vulnerable road users, such as cyclists and moped drivers.

ACI (Automobile Club of Italy) and SARA Assicurazioni decided to take action by promoting Mobileye’s collision avoidance system.

Mobileye reduces the risk of a collision by warning the driver with visual and audio alerts in real-time, providing the critical seconds needed to avoid or mitigate a collision.  The vision sensor scans the driving scene ahead and Mobileye's proprietary algorithms examine it and detect other vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, lane markings, and speed limit signs that may be in the vehicle’s path.

In Accenture’s publication about insurance innovation and technology trends, Technology Vision for Insurance, they write “In future, insurers might partner with companies such as Mobileye, which provides a collision avoidance solution that uses a vision sensor to keep an eye on the road and warn drivers of potential danger. Thus, in addition to providing insurance theft and collision cover, insurers and ecosystems they’re part of could play a role in keeping customers safe as they drive.”

The inclusion of collision avoidance systems in insurance policy packages is becoming more common. Companies like Munich Reinsurance America and AIG both have collaborations with Mobileye to encourage drivers to install the Mobileye collision avoidance system and reduce collisions.  With a view to increasing the mobility safety standards, Sara Assicurazioni is now joining them, offering Mobileye users 20% off on Third Party Liability price.

Safety is a fundamental right for every human being” – says Angelo Sticchi Damiani, President of Automobile Club d'Italia. “By this agreement we extend to everybody the level of protection offered by ADAS technologies, also to those who cannot afford a brand new vehicle fully equipped with leading-edge technologies, like young and elderly people. ADAS technologies save lives and improve driving behaviour. Autonomous driving is still to come while its underlying technology is already available. Thanks to this partnership ACI is reaffirming its leading role of guidance for all drivers to move towards the future of mobility”.

"Road Safety has always been a key issue for us - commented Alberto Tosti, General Director of Sara Assicurazioni, ACI’s Insurance Company.  “That’s why we have decided to reward drivers who choose advanced car safety technologies, by offering them a 20% off on our TPL premiums. These technologies can effectively reduce car accidents and we believe that technological innovation is a strategic element for improving safety on our roads."

Today technology is taking us towards frontiers we could have never imagined only few years ago – concludes Raz Peleg, Director Central Europe /Est of Mobileye Aftermarket – We strongly believe innovation can improve our commitment to road safety and to an ever increasingly efficient and sustainable mobility.”

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