Webcast – How Mobileye is Working with Oxfordshire County to Map Roadside Assets

Road Management
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Maintaining a strong asset management program means collecting accurate, up-to-date information. A pilot program conducted in conjunction with Oxfordshire County Council showed the power of Mobileye’s data collection technology.

Caught between demand for increased services amidst challenging financial pressures, governments, utilities and others in the UK are emphasizing asset maintenance – preserving existing infrastructure, as opposed to building or purchasing new assets.

Asset maintenance, however, has its own challenges – first and foremost which is collecting the data necessary for an efficient, effective maintenance program.

Mobileye, an Intel company, has reinvented road surveying for asset management and road maintenance. The company, a global leader in computer vision, machine learning, and mapping for advanced driver assistance systems is leveraging its ADAS technology, EyeQ® chip and algorithms to identify, tag, and classify road assets, to assess pavement condition and capture mobility data. All of this is done as equipped vehicles travel on their regular routes.

In this webinar, moderated by Fitzpatrick Advisory founder Brian Fitzpatrick, Laura Peacock, the Innovation Hub Manager at Oxfordshire County Council, and Greg Weingarten, Director of Business Development, UK, at Mobileye, discuss a pilot project during which the county’s fleet vehicles were equipped with Mobileye technology to survey the local roadscape.

Check out the webinar to hear the program.

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