Mobility Summit 2020: Safer and Smarter Mobility

road detection, GIS layers, pavement conditions, live traffic, AI technology, road asset detection

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Listen as Uri Tamir, Mobileye's Senior Director of Business Development and Data Services, as he discusses how today’s AI technology is powering safer roads and smarter mobility.

All municipalities, counties, and DOTs want the same thing – to keep their road network in good condition and safe for all road users. Discover how to leverage today’s advancements in machine learning technology to gain access to up-to-date and accurate data. Advanced algorithms in the field of computer vision and localization can capture the metadata of both physical assets, as well as mobility events, and provide road owners and operators with information on their road network- information never before so easily accessible.

Several products in Mobileye’s portfolio are reviewed in depth and with images, including:

· Road and utility asset surveys

· Pavement condition monitoring

· Live traffic and events

· Aggregated mobility data

Mobileye also understands that, once this data is available, customers will want fresh GIS layers to be delivered every month, allowing them to make sure their asset management programs can be kept up to date. Mobileye’s high refresh rate and level of accuracy is enabled by the use of computer vision and machine learning. Listen in how.

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